Slide 1 A special vacuum infusion technology and our innovative ideas enabled us to develop one of the most elaborate and high-performance boards in the world. M1
M1 – Twintip

Slide 1 Sharp edge end to end. Particularly robust and abrasion-resistance! M1 - Scharfe Kante

Slide 1 Angled Edge - modern edge design for extreme grip on takeoff. M1 – Kantendesign

Slide 1 Extreme resilience- due to solid tips. M1 – Solid Tips

Slide 1 Suppression instead of compression!
The unique V-construction in the center of the board allows you to achieve the ideal water suppression for pillow soft landings and a smooth riding experience.
Multidimension bottom M1 - Multidimension Bottom

Slide 1 In combination with a multidimension bottom, the M1 has a pronounced rocker. You won´t be swollowed by waves and high ollis are going to be dead easy. Pronounced rocker M1 - Rocker

Slide 1 A center channel within a concave is rising up towards the tips and follows the lenght of the board. That ensures control exactly where you need it. M1 – Channel Konkave

Slide 1 The outline adapts perfectly. Wide tips, a pronounced rocker and excellent upwind riding properties due to a long effective edge. harmonious relations M1 - Harmonisches Zusammenspiel

Slide M1 – Finne Links M1 – Finne M1 – Finne Rechts G10 Slimline 44 Fins Extremely slim and fast profile.
The fins have just the right amount of tracking stability and the so-called "cutout" ensures spinout-free gliding!
They will be mounted with M6 titanium screws.

Slide 1 minimalistic design - made for eternity! Light Handle Not a single gram too much!
100% carbon
titanium screws
specifically designed for HEVIGE
M1 - Light Handle

Produced with tempered vacuum infusion technology!

Dynamic stiffness right into the tips and light as a feather

stainless steel inserts

Firmly anchored with aramid fibers (kevlar). All common bindings can be mounted.
Three different adjustments provide an ideal stand.

Paulownia Wood-core

The grid milling optimizes the link between the laminate to the core.

Titanium screws

Titanium screws are 45% lighter than pressed stainless steel screws and match the premium look of the M1.
No more defective screw heads, thanks to INBUS entrainment profile.

How does the GAMECHANGER ride?

Well...as the name implies, this board CHANGES the game. The M1 is special and timeless!

You will imediately feel how this board supports you, whatever the circumstances. You´ll be killing it everywhere.
Yes! Popping off has never been easier and you´ll love it! This board will pave the way for lots of ollies paired with pillow-soft landings. Waves will no longer swallow you up.
The M1 rides tight turns with flying colors! Thanks to the strongly pronounced V-shape in the board center, the board rolls quickly and smoothly from edge to edge. You will get to know a whole new riding experience.

Upwind riding becomes child's play due to the long effective and consistently sharp edge.
Solid tips and sharp edges will make jumps extremely snappy and send you towards the sky. Unhooked jumps with proper timing are no longer a problem!

The M1 is incomparable and will give you an unique riding experience!