Basically, it depends on your preferences and the wind conditions. We recommend for medium wind conditions (from 14 up to about 26 knots):

For riders up to 65 kg

For riders from 65 kg up to 85 kg

For riders from 75 kg up to 110 kg

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You are a professional or really good kitesurfer and excited about HEVIGE products? We are always looking for kitesurfers who want to become a part of HEVIGE.
As a teamrider you should:

  • Actively kite at local spots
  • Connect with others from the kiteboarding scene
  • Be a experienced kitesurfer

As a teamrider you will represent our products!
If you are interested, please get in touch with our form of contactWe´ll get in thouch as soon as possible.

The hole spacing corresponds to the standard (38mm/M6).
Thats why our fins also fit other boards!

The hole spacing is 200mm.

The hole spacing is the current standard (6 inch/inch) so most bindings will fit the M1.

The insert depth is 9mm. Therefore all conventional bindings fit the board.

If you have more questions, please use the form of contact.